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3D-Side assists surgeons by integrating 3D Technologies in the operating theater. 3D-Side combines engineering accuracy with medical expertise to individualize the surgical treatment of each patient.

Unique Products For:

  • Bone Tumor Resection
  • Patient-Specific Implant Technology

  • Corrective Osteotomy
  • Medical 3D Printing

Key Products by 3D-Side



SkullPT is a patient specific mold that can create a patient specific cranial implant from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA, bone cement) during surgery.

Based on the CT-scan of the patient, the mold is manufactured and delivered to the hospital for final sterilization. By setting PMMA in the mold, an implant is created in the OR. In just a few minutes the implant is ready to be fixated in the patient.

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