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Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) is a leading supplier of silicone products for short-run to high volume, prototyping, and new product applications. As a silicone parts manufacturer, they deliver advanced silicone expertise and capabilities for any industry where silicone makes a big impact, including in the manufacturing of custom silicone rubber parts.

Custom Capabilities

  • Silicone Injection Molding

  • Silicone Compression Molding

  • Silicone Die Cutting
  • Silicone Dip Molding

Key Products by Specialty Manufacturing

Silicone Sheeting

Silicone Sheeting

Silicone sheeting is a versatile and widely used material in various industries, including medical, veterinary, lighting, and scientific and medical research. Composed of silicone, a polymer made from silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, silicone sheeting is known for its flexibility, durability, and resistance to extreme temperatures.

Silicone Tubing

Silicone Tubing

Silicone tubing from Specialty Manufacturing provides Class VI silicone that is 50 durometer, with 50-foot coils and a matte finish.

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