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Summit Medical Group Ltd is a global leader in the provision of quality medical products, trusted by clinicians, physicians, hospitals and patients;  manufactured in the UK, with a commitment to innovation, service and quality. Summit Medical utilizes highly skilled and advanced manufacturing techniques that meet the changing demands in global healthcare. Summit Medical offers 25+ years of vacuum bone cement mixing device and infection control experience. Summit Medical is known for it’s innovative products such as HIVAC™ Bowl and VIVI® Helmet.

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Summit Medical

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The compact HIVAC™ BOWL features a unique geared rotational axis mixing mechanism, creating a reproducibly high quality mix of bone cement. Our HIVAC™ BOWL has been designed with a high clarity material, offering the clinician a clear view of the cement during mixing.

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VIVI® Infection Protection System is comfortable, lightweight, and delivers protection and optimal performance in the operating theatre. ViVi’s patented 2-fan system, continuously extracts filtered waste air from the suit; you really can take a breath of fresh air, every time.

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