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Summit Medical Group Ltd is a global leader in the provision of quality medical products, trusted by clinicians, physicians, hospitals and patients; manufactured in the UK, with a commitment to innovation, service and quality. Summit Medical utilizes highly skilled and advanced manufacturing techniques that meet the changing demands in global healthcare.

Key Products by Summit Medical



The compact HIVAC™ BOWL features a unique geared rotational axis mixing mechanism, creating a reproducibly high quality mix of bone cement. Our HIVAC™ BOWL has been designed with a high clarity material, offering the clinician a clear view of the cement during mixing.

VIVI Helmet

VIVI® Helmet

VIVI® Infection Protection System is comfortable, lightweight, and delivers protection and optimal performance in the operating theatre. ViVi’s patented 2-fan system, continuously extracts filtered waste air from the suit; you really can take a breath of fresh air, every time.

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