RiverPoint Medical

Riverpoint Medical designs, develops and markets next generation medical devices for the Healthcare market. As a flourishing specialty device manufacturer, they manufacture cutting edge LED surgical headlights. Riverpoint Medical maintains a comprehensive multiphase quality control program that provides assurance of adherence to design specifications through all phases of the manufacturing process. These requirements ensure that Riverpoint’s components are produced by the process described herein and consistently are manufactured for the intended use.

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Featured Products

MedLED® stands as the first creators of the only Truly Cordless™ LED surgical headlights. The truly Cordless™ LED surgical headlights are bright and long lasting so surgeons can confidently do their best in the operating room. Customize headlights with spot sizes, filters, cameras, and headstraps. Thousands of surgeons rely on MedLED cordless headlights for their superb versatility, comfort, and long lasting batteries.

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