Nico Corporation

NICO Corporation provides proven and patented technologies that integrate imaging and intervention for a safe, minimally disruptive approach to brain surgery. This integration drives efficiencies for the patient, surgeon and healthcare provider. They manufacture minimally invasive neurosurgery equipment including the NICO BrainPath, NICO Myriad System and the NICO Fluid System.

Product Categories

  • Access Technologies

  • Illumination and Removal

  • Tissue Collection and Preservation

Key Products by NICO Corporation

NICO Myriad System

NICO Myriad System

The NICO Myriad System consists of the console, handpieces and ancillary products. All NICO Myriad handpieces have a side mouth cutting and aspiration aperture located .6mm from the blunt end that allows for tissue removal without injury to adjacent critical structures.

Nico BrainPath

NICO BrainPath

The NICO BrainPath provides for access and visualization of lesions in the subcortical space of the brain. The BrainPath dramatically changes how surgeons can move through the natural folds and delicate fibers of the brain. The BrainPath’s obturator is uniquely designed with an minimally disruptive tip that minimizes tissue damage.

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