Misonix has long been at the forefront of ultrasound technology and is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of ultrasonic surgical devices. Their innovative ultrasonic platforms for surgical applications include aspirators for the removal of both soft and hard tissue, and products for precision bone cutting and sculpting. Ultrasonic surgical devices from Misonix include the BoneScalpel bone cutter, SonicOne O.R. debridement system and the SonaStar ablation system.

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misonix ultrasonic surgical devices bonescalpel debridement system ablation system

Featured Products

neXus all-in-one solution

The Misonix neXus is the best-in-class ultrasonic aspiration system which supports a wide range of procedures through innovative and unmatched applications. This Smart Phone like platform enables current and new Surgical Apps which optimize ultrasonic motion and increase power. The neXus includes 26 probe configurations – 12 hard tissue and 14 soft tissue.

The Misonix BoneScalpel is a novel and unique surgical device in that it offers a gentler osteotomy as compared to standard bone cutting tools. It efficiently slices crystalline bone while leaving elastic soft tissues largely unaffected during incidental contact. This can be particularly important during spinal surgery where bone segments are frequently removed in close vicinity to the spinal cord, nerve roots and major arteries.

The Misonix SonicOne O.R. System, now with SonicVac, is an innovative ultrasonic surgical debridement system that allows surgeons to address the challenges chronic wounds present to them, the patient, and the health-care system. SonicOne O.R. establishes a new standard in surgical wound bed preparation, an essential first step in the wound healing process.

misonix ultrasonic surgical devices sonastar ablation system

The Misonix SonaStar is an ultrasonic surgical aspiration system

  • High performance tissue ablation system
  • Vessel sparing, soft and hard tissue removal
  • Adaptive radio frequency coagulation capability
  • Easy to setup and breakdown

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