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Mespere LifeSciences Inc. is a technology-based medical device company focused on non-invasive, disruptive solutions in cardiac and neuro hemodynamic patient monitoring. Mespere aims to reduce the need for invasive clinical procedures with non-invasive solutions making them more cost-effective, easy to use and safe.  Mespere is ISO 13485(2016) certified and holds patents on its technologies and products.

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Mespere Life Sciences

Featured Product: NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry

NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry

NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry is the only depth resolved cerebral oximeter with both regional oxygenation and blood volume in the market. It is one of the most accurate, cost effective and user friendly cerebral tissue oximetry systems available. 

The NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry provides a High Absolute Trending Accuracy of ±1.5% of tissue oxygenation. It also provides a New Blood Volume Index which correlates closely with blood vessel dilation/opening and constriction/collapsing. The system includes reusable sensors which provide superior signal quality at a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional one time use sensors. The NeurOs sensors can be placed on the forehead or tissue.

NeurOs Components

NeurOs Display

The NeurOs operating system can conveniently run on tablets, laptops, computers, and other third-party monitors.

Reusable Sensor

NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry Components: Reusable Sensor

Provides the best signal quality.

Single-Use Adhesive

NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry Components: Single-Use Adhesive

Reduces per patient costs.

Reduce Time

Reduce Cost

Reduce Infection

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