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Kogent Surgical is a legacy innovator Medical Device manufacturer specializing in Electrosurgery, Ultrasonic Tissue Aspiration, Surgical Site Illumination and Microsurgical Instrumentation. Their experienced team has over 40 years of design, manufacturing and quality control of microsurgical instrumentation.

Key Products by Kogent Surgical

Spetzler Lighted Suction Tube

Spetzler Lighted Suction Tube

Kogent Lighted Suctions with fiberoptic illumination are intended to provide supplementary light when narrow or deep approaches block the microscope’s light path. Connects to a multitude of surgical light sources via 12’ fiberoptic cable.

Disposable Bipolar Forceps

KoAg™ Disposable Bipolar Forceps

KoAg™ Disposable Bipolar Forceps with silver plated tips maintain low contact resistance and low affinity for bonding with proteins. The aluminum body is designed to wick away excess heat while being relatively lightweight.

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