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Invotec International is a supplier of Instruments, Optics, Implants, and supplies for ENT, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. They provide a wide selection of superior quality products.

Product Categories

  • Otology

  • Rhinology and Cosmetic Surgery

Key Products by Invotec International

Aortic Valve Cusp Caliper

Myringotomy products & accessories

Invotec’s Myringotomy products & accessories include the Ear Specula, a latex and PVC-free specula for examination procedures. It provides a new oval design for an improved line of sight and a wider grip for better stability.

Invotec Fog Gard


Invotec’s Fog-Guard™ anti-fog solution has been formulated, without alcohol, to provide excellent levels of anti fog protection from distortion for your delicate glass optics.

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