GEM is an Italian manufacturer of innovative surgical adhesives for internal and external use. It was founded in 1994 with a business culture primarily based on research, development, production and marketing of innovative medical devices. GEM is best known for its CE certified synthetic surgical glue products, Glubran and Glubran 2. Currently, GEM manufactures the Glubran 2 glue awarded by users for its variety and diversity of use, including in endovascular procedures.

GEM has designed and manufactured many application devices for the glue in order to facilitate and enhance its use. In 2007 Glubran Tiss, surgical glue for skin applications, entered the market. At present Glubran 2, Glubran Tiss 2 and their application devices are sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

GEM’s work is based on continuous research and its aim is to develop innovative surgical medical devices, in order to anticipate the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market.

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Featured Products

Glubran 2
Glubran® 2 is a ready for use, synthetic, biodegradable surgical glue. It is a Class III CE medical device marked for internal and external use. Glubran® 2 has high adhesive and haemostatic properties and once it is polymerised it creates an efficient antiseptic barrier against the most diffused infective or pathogenic agents during the surgical intervention. Glubran® 2 polymerises quickly in contact with live tissue and wet environment creating a thin and elastic film having high tensile properties which guarantee strong adhesion to the tissues. This film naturally conforms with the tissues on which it was applied; it is not permeable to liquids and is not altered by blood or organic liquids.
Glubran Tiss 2
Glubran® Tiss 2 is a topical skin adhesive with two components (NBCA+OCA) which provide high tensile strength, good elasticity, fast closure (40-60 sec) and a polymerization temperature of 45°C. The fluidity of the product, ergonomic bottle and dedicated tip allow a controlled release of the glue even in difficult to treat areas.
Glutack® is a user-friendly device for the atraumatic laparoscopic fixation of hernia mesh. Providing precise and consistent delivery of Glubran® 2 (NBCA+MS) with every pull of the trigger, to minimize surgical complications and the potential pain associated with the use of tacks and staples. Improving surgical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

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