Anjon Bremer® Halo System

The Anjon Holdings LLC team has over 30 years’ experience and is a leader in producing precision medical devices as well as medical implants, components, design assistance along with sterilization, packaging, and validation services. Within the past few years, Anjon has made remarkable progress, consistently striving to provide the best possible care to its patients, while considering what comes next for their well-being in the future.

Core Values

  • Patients Come First

  • Quality Begins in Design

  • Comfort is Essential
  • Healing is our Mission

Key Products by Anjon Bremer® Halo System

Anjon Bremer® Halo System

Anjon Bremer® Halo System

The Anjon Bremer® Halo System is a brace that stabilizes the cervical spine to keep it immobilized, while also providing traction for patients who have had neck trauma or other neck-related issues.

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