American Surgical Company

American Surgical Company (ASC) develops innovative, single-use tools that surgeons need to do what they do best: help their patients get better. With over 35 years of experience manufacturing products for neurosurgeons, ASC has deep expertise in small, absorbent patties. ASC has expanded into offerings for a wide array of medical specialties, including general surgery, head and neck surgery, oral surgery/dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, pediatric surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, and veterinary medicine.

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American Surgical Company

Featured Products

Telfa® Surgical Pattie

Telfa®* is a natural/polymer hybrid neurosurgical pattie for both reduced adhesion and high absorbency. Telfa® neurosurgical patties are capable of absorbing more than 11 times their dry weight in fluid. This is possible because of the combination of a Telfa® outer layer surrounding the absorbent cotton inner layer. Perforations in the surface layer facilitate rapid fluid absorption into the cotton interior and provide the ability to aspirate through the pattie resulting in a remarkably versatile neurosurgical pattie that is slow to dry; similar to 100% cotton neurosurgical patties. Telfa® patties are often used behind retractor blades in skull base procedures to help reduce stress on the underlying tissue.

Delicot® Ultra-Thin Neurosurgical Pattie

Delicot® ultra-thin neurosurgical patties are the only product that was made for delicate microsurgical procedures with a 0.33 mm profile allowing for precise positioning, molding, and superior pliability for instrument support and tissue protection. Delicot® demonstrates the best filterability of fluids via suction and is capable of absorbing greater than 8 times its dry weight. It was developed in partnership with Dr. Takanori Fukushima to allow him to perform his revolutionary techniques that could not be done with traditional patties.

Ray-Cot® Neurosurgical Pattie

Ray-Cot® is an improved version of the standard rayon neurosurgical pattie with superior strength and performance. Ray-Cot® neurosurgical patties utilize a special rayon material that has superior pliability and absorption, while providing softness and protection to delicate tissue. The Ray-Cot® material is shown to be up to 2x stronger than the leading competitor and demonstrates up to 12% greater absorption by weight per absorption testing. With clean precision cuts providing smooth edges reducing loose fibers and a single barium line allowing superior flexibility and pliability. Ray-Cot® neuro patties are a staple in surgical suites.

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