Press Release

VANCOUVER, March 2, 2018 – Galen Medical Ltd., a privately-held Canadian supplier of specialty spinal, neuro and cardiothoracic surgical products with a regional office in Montreal, is pleased to announce Galen’s purchase of Canada Endoscope Corporation (“CEC”).

CEC was founded in 1998 by Philip J. O’Brien as a privately-held company specializing in the distribution of medical devices and products serving the endoscope marketplace.

Jean-Francois Granger, President of Galen Medical, stated, “Galen is particularly excited to acquire the exclusive Canadian distribution rights to Brasseler’s® complete line of industry-leading surgical power products and accessories used by orthopedic, neuro, ENT, cardiovascular and oral-maxillofacial surgeons.”

“The acquisition of CEC by Galen Medical supports our objective for Pacific Surgical to be the premier surgical products company in Canada”, said Michael Fish, President of Pacific Surgical Holdings Ltd. (“PSH”). “We are excited to expand Galen’s product offerings across Canada and will work closely with CEC’s partners and customers to ensure a seamless, successful transition.”

Effective immediately, customers can contact Galen for Brasseler® Surgical Power Products and Services at:

Galen Medical Customer Service:
Tel: 800.980.3003 or 514.277.5347
Fax: 514.270.5340

Galen Medical Ltd. Head Office:
126-408 East Kent, Avenue South
Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7


About Galen Medical
Founded in 1987, Galen Medical is a Canadian supplier of medical devices and surgical instruments used in spinal, neuro and cardiothoracic surgery. Galen is committed to introducing new technologies and unique advancements in these specialized surgical markets, with a priority to assist Canadian health care professionals provide the best possible patient care.

About Pacific Surgical Holdings Ltd.
Pacific Surgical Holdings Ltd. is a Vancouver-based group of innovative healthcare companies committed to bringing progressive products and service solutions to customers in Canada and around the globe. Pacific Surgical is the parent company of Galen Medical.