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Evonos manufactures high-quality neurosurgical instruments that are designed to help neurosurgeons perform more comfortably and effectively.

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Key Products by Evonos

Sterion Suture Boots

EvoDrill – Cranial Perforator

Evonos’ evoDrill features innovative waisted burr geometry for precise trepanation with minimal force, reducing soft tissue damage. Its tiny positioning tip ensures accuracy, while 1mm variants cater to pediatric needs. Gamma-sterilized for single use, it eliminates cleaning and sharpening, saving time and costs. Compatible with Hudson mounts and adaptable to various chucks, evoDrill sets a new standard in surgical efficiency.

EvoBase – Titanium Head Rest System

Evonos’ evoBase headrest system boasts a sleek titanium frame, offering strength and aesthetics with minimal bulk. Its precise skull clamping and integrated force indicator ensure stability and accuracy during surgery. With 90 teeth for fine positioning and adjustable pin positions, it caters to various anatomical needs. Unlike aluminum, titanium allows unrestricted electromagnetic navigation. The system accommodates both pediatric and adult patients with different hole sizes.

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